The concept: custom-made Bags and Jewels - Bi-Bag


Bi-Bag was born from the desire to create unique bags. It is perfect for you, who are always moving around, don’t fear the pace of chaotic days, but always want to feel at ease. Bi-Bag is your answer to work, shopping sessions, happy hour or a special night with friends.

In order to satisfy your needs, there's nothing better than a double bag: the outside is made of a soft and transparent material and the inside is printed according to your taste, to follow the latest fashion trends or just to match your' bag's color with your clothes.

The external bag is made of PVC and is provided with plexiglass handles. It is resistant and elegant at the same time.

It's your choice to customize it, and to do so, you only need a few, simple moves. Through a patented system, the inside lining can be replaced thanks to functional stud buttons. The inside lining material is water-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

Borse Componibili Bi-Bag

You can choose the design that suits you the most: are you a Daily, a Luisa or a Holiday?

The  DAILY format - 39x34 cm - is a shopping bag. It is provided with handles in clear plexiglass and a shoulder strap.

The  EASY format - 39x34 cm - is a shopping bag. It is provided with handles in smooth clear PVC.

The HOLIDAY format - 28x17 cm - is a clutch bag. It is provided with a stainless steel shoulder strap with plexiglass inserts, which give it a touch of style.

The LUISE format - 30x16 cm - is a clutch bag. It is provided with a very refined handle.

Animalier, Metal e Vintage are the names of the collections in which each design is made: dozens of patterns and colors adjusting to your moods that make your daily activities special.

When you feel like a different Bi-Bag, you just need to replace the inside lining, with a simple move!


Each jewel-button can be used with any accessory. Everyone has a different idea of "fashion", some people think it is easy, some people think it is luxury, and other people do not think at all about it. But we all want to express our own personality! Bijoux has created a place where you can express your fashion. Here you are free to create your own jewelry, have fun by trying to invent the accessory that most reflects your idea of fashion. In Bijoux you will always find the fashion style that most belongs to you, you will create hundreds of combinations of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


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